The Leaves Listen


The leaves know a secret, 
The flowers won't share
They won't give it away, but lay the truth bare.
That I am a wanderer, maybe I'm lost.
But I'll follow the light, uncross the cross. 

To The Emerald Cave


The only diamonds I will wear are your crystal rays caressing my bare skin.
Rubies will be the petals that open with the first dew and close with the cicadas.
Emeralds hanging off the palm trees, sparkling on the lone peony that sits on my bedroom window.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 11.40.55 PM.png


I answer the call of many tomorrows
Through the shadows of all the yesterdays
The sound of your crashing waves echoes
In the seashell, the empty room, the crowded restaurant.
This is not de ja vu, we make a new beginning with each new serenade.


The Current

Sometimes the past screams louder than the present. 
Moving back and forth,
Carrying all you bags in the current.
This is not a shipwreck.
The wood, metal, and anchors don't pull you down.
They are the markers in the corners of your heart.